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What the fans are saying

"I listen to Lance and Lea when I need some clarity and inspiration when a relationship is going either good or bad - to help my heart find itself."


What the fans are saying

"Makes me reflect about what they are singing and how it applies on my own life. We all grow from sharing experiences be it musically or reading a well written book. Lance n Lea inspire me to be a better person."


What the fans are saying

"Lifted. Happy isn't quite right but just a lightness, like a weight has been removed."


What the fans are saying

"When I hear their music it's like painting with the windows open."


What the fans are saying

"Listening to their music makes me feel complete, calm, relaxed, and happy. It opens my eyes and mind to others."


Love and Light to you ✨

We’ve always had a passion to spread positivity and L I F T people through music, affirmations, a positive outlook and healthy lifestyle. We believe EVERYTHING carries a "vibe" including the food we eat, the drinks we consume, the music we listen to and create, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the movies we watch, and the list goes on!

We hope the content in this shop inspires and LIFTS you in some way! 

-Lance and Lea

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