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We are super excited to release the video for song #2 off the record called "Arizona." This song was inspired from a trip we took to the west coast a while back. On our way, we drove through the great state of Arizona (from Nashville) and were stunned by the beauty and simplicity of this amazing place!

For a place that seemed to be so dry and desolate, it sure was surrounded by an incredible amount of life. Cactus, tumble weeds and beautiful red rock landscape stretched over the horizon and the sun seemed to hang in the sky a bit longer than anywhere else on earth 🌞

Get this single today and be transported to the wild and untarnished beauty of the Arizona desert 🌵

By purchasing directly from us, you help support independent artists and make it possible for us to release more and more music out into the world! 🌎

Plus, you will get additional perks you won't get anywhere else and LOTS of positive energy flowing your way! 😍
Thank you so much for all the love and support you've already shown!


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